Friday, January 8, 2010

Natural horsemanship and everything else... :p

I know I am supposed to be writing a blog on Natural Horsemanship (NH) and my opinions on it, but every time I start I can't seem to find the words! There is just too much for me to write!!!

So, I will narrow it all down to just these few key points or I will be typing all day long (not kidding!).

To me NH is a breath of fresh air. Before I knew about it, all I knew was that horses was there for riding. If you good enough you get to show and maybe even find your way to the olympic! I was never fortunate enought to get the proper training until recently (about 5 ot 6 years ago) so I know that I won't be a top rider. But NH showed me that there is so much more out there. There is so much more you can do with your horse... you can play with your horse and be its best friend- the one your horse looks up to.

Every time I look at photos of what Parelli students are doing I get hungry to learn more. I want to have a horse that will stay with me even if there are no lines attached and we in the wide open. I want a horse that will carry me and listen without having anything on (no halter, no bridle, nothing). I want to get a horse to do flying changes with me riding bareback and in a halter. I want a horse that will play with me becasue it wants to...

I am especially fond of Parelli and I will tell you why... it is not because I am brainwashed (do people really think that???)... it is because they have found a way to communicate with horses unlike anything I have ever seen. It is fascinating! Yes, you get to do fancy ''tricks'' (LOL) but what caught me was the language!!! The interpretation of the horse's actions and the adjusting of our actions to get the desired response... wow!

Seriously.... WOW!!!

The nice thing about NH is that it can be used in every day riding. Karen Rohlf has incorporated NH into teaching dressage to horses and riders alike. Visit her website to found out more.

So that is what I think of NH. It has been an eye opener for me. It could be for you too... and if not, that is okay :)


  1. Enjoyed my visit to your blog!


  2. Great experience. Indeed it is really inspiring. I believe there is more in natural horsemanship that's still to unravel.