Monday, December 14, 2009

Just a friendly hello and some news...

Hey everyon!

I finally got my hands on a computer with interent connection. I haven't forgotten my blog and have been writing up a few as I got the time. Here is what I have lined up once I get back home:

1. Approach and Retreat- how to use it to build confidence
2. "Unknown" structures of the equine head- I did some reading on the guttural pouch and hyoid structure. Very interesting.
3. Bits- choosing one and how to use it correctly.
4. Natural Horsemanship- my views on the topic

I don't really have the time to write a very ectiting blog right this moment, but I thought I would mention something on selling horses. I am currently advertising my pony for sale. Now, I love this pony to bits and really want her to go a good home.

Well, I recently got an email from a lady who is interested and want to come and have a look at her. She sounded very friendly etc. I was really hoping this lady would be the one to buy her, because she lives in town so I can easily go visit Joy if I wish.

I messaged a good friend of mine asking if she knew this lady. I was sure I heard of her before because her surname sounded very familiar. My friend got back to me and told me that I shouldn sell my pony to her. She was going to buy one of my friend's horses but didn't really have the money and she doesnt feed her horses at all.

Lesson learned! Make sure you have a fair idea of who you are selling your horse/pony to. You never know if they will end up in a home where they will get neglected or abused. I am so happy I asked my friend when I did. I would never have forgiven myself if I sold my pony to a bad home. To be honest, I would rather give my pony away for free to a VERy good home, than sell her to someone and have her be neglected.

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  1. I'm looking forward to your bit post, I've been doing research myself on the topic. Not something I have looked into much before my newest horse. Definitely something I should be more educated on!